Black Rubber55 Catsuit (SOLD)


Hi guys! Here is my black Rubber55 catsuit, which is made from thin .20mm latex. I've worn it quite a lot so it has a few small repairs to the crotch area plus a larger one across one ass cheek. I still love it, but I now have a replacement on the way! It you'd like to continue having some fun in this catsuit, then you can now be the new owner :)

I've worn it in quite a few shoots now, including the one pictured. It has been well loved and I've had a lot of fun in it!!

Payment for this can be made via Paypal :) Please contact me first before ordering. The 1st person who contacts me can be the new owner ;)

Postage in the UK is £6, EU is £8 and Overseas is £15. I will also include a signed photo.

Thankyou for checking out the items in my shop!


Price: £150.00